Website terms of use:

Introduction: Welcome to the website (hereinafter: “the website”), operated by a licensed DG digital branding dealer Daniel Gordon (the operator of the website). The site offers for sale animated videos, invitation videos, cartoon characters, gifs and clips according to ready-made templates and the choice of design and music by the customer. What is stated in these regulations refers equally to both sexes, and the use of the masculine language is for reasons of convenience only. The start of using the website indicates that you declare that you have read, understood and approved the terms of use, and that you or anyone on your behalf will not have any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the company and/or anyone on its behalf in relation to these terms of use. The website operator reserves the right to change the terms of use of the website without any prior notice to the website users and this will not be to detract from the validity of the regulations and its applicability.
The user’s statement and the right to use the website: the purchase through the website is subject to the conditions specified in these regulations. The terms of use constitute a binding contract between you and the site operator and are the basis for any legal litigation regarding the use of the site. These terms of use will be binding and will operate for the benefit of the parties, their representatives, their heirs and any other authorized representative.
Provision of details when purchasing on the website: A purchase through the website will require the provision of details such as: e-mail, personal details including phone, name and surname and more.
Threshold conditions for making a transaction and/or purchase on the website: The website system allows customers to purchase the items offered by the website operator in a convenient, easy and safe manner via the Internet. Any user may participate in a purchase procedure and become a customer in the system according to the following conditions: the user is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or you are not entitled to perform legal actions without the permission of a guardian, your use of the website will be seen as if you have received the permission of the guardian to perform the transaction. The user has an e-mail account on the Internet. The purchase on the site is by credit card only, the transaction will be approved after approval by the credit card company only. It should be emphasized that the credit card details will be found and/or saved and/or managed by the clearing company Interspace Ltd only and under its sole responsibility, the website operator does not save and/or manage these details, however the website operator is not responsible for their security or for any damage or loss or loss or expense that will be caused to the user or to any third party as a result and the website operator does not and will not have any responsibility regarding data leakage and/or data hacking and/or information security of this data. The site operator reserves the right to stop and/or change the payment method on the site at its sole discretion and at any time. The user hereby declares that the personal details he submits to the site are correct. It is absolutely forbidden to use another person’s personal details and/or to impersonate someone else.
Making orders on the website: the items sold on the website are animation videos, order videos, cartoon characters, clips and gifs chosen by the user. The user must choose a design template for the video and song, according to the instructions and requirements that appear on the website. The user declares that all the details of the order to be provided by him to the website operator are owned by him and/or he has the right and/or license to use it and that any claim and/or damage and/or complaint regarding these details regarding copyright and intellectual property will be the sole responsibility of the user . The user declares that he knows that all products are built from molds. In the information and would like customization of design and script will be priced at an additional fee. It is hereby clarified that the operator of the site will be entitled to update the prices of the items on the site from time to time and at its sole discretion. Items that are presented for sale at sale prices will be delivered at the sale price, subject to the fact that the sale is in effect at the time the order is confirmed by the customer. The website operator does not guarantee that all items will be available for delivery and the user will not have any claim regarding this fact.
Hours of operation for purchasing on the website: ordering on the website is possible 24 hours, except for cases where the website is down for maintenance and/or another reason. Hours of operation of the customer service center: Sunday – Thursday between the hours: 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. There may be changes in the dates.
Canceling a transaction and changing an order: Canceling a transaction and/or receiving a refund on purchases from the website is not possible because the videos, orders, clips and personal characters are designed according to the customer’s choice of templates and are produced especially for him. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel an order and/or receive a refund, except in the case that there is a defect in the item originating from the website operator. All of the above is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981. A defect in the order originating from the site operator will be considered a defect in the order itself, and this is at the sole discretion of the site operator. For the avoidance of doubt as long as there is no visual defect it will not be considered a defect in the order. In the event that a defect is discovered in an item originating from the website operator, the customer must notify the customer service hotline within 24 hours after the delivery date. Failure to notify within the aforementioned time period constitutes a waiver by the orderer regarding any claim and/or claim in connection with non-conformity and/or non-compliance. satisfaction on his part. The site operator may stop the services provided to the buyer completely or temporarily, or limit them, among other things in any case where the user has not paid on the payment date or if the site operator has deemed that there is a reasonable fear that the buyer will not meet the payments or in the case where the user has violated the terms of the contract with her, including instructions This regulation.
Liability: The operator of the website is not responsible for any damage and/or loss caused to the customer on the website and/or to another third party as a result of use and/or purchase made on the website. Including the case of a purchase made using a credit card without the consent of the card holder, and/or any action performed on the site by any third party that enters the site and causes damage. The website operator will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the customer, due to a delay in the delivery date or the fact that damaged or defective items were supplied, except if the defect or damage originates from the website operator and/or someone on her behalf. The website operator’s liability will be limited in any case to the amount of the product only. The orderer will bear full responsibility for any damage caused to him and/or to the website and/or to another third party due to an error made by the orderer in typing the data, including an error in typing